1. While you were working. #Friday

  2. My lady got me some limited edition Glenfiddich while in France. The collection just keeps growing.

  3. This is a winner. #swag

  4. Stuff I Saw in Toronto: August Edition

  5. We got doing absolutely nothing down to an art. #Sunday (at Bayview Village Park)

  6. Fog’s a coming. We better win. #Jays (at Rogers Centre)

  7. #Wednesday (at Cafe Awtash)

  8. Epic walk 9: Evening edition. (at University of Toronto)

  9. Stuff I Saw in Toronto: July Edition

  10. #Saturday (at The Varley Art Gallery)

  11. S’mores building with the cousins. #Teamwork #Diabetes @somdudespics @pornobatman @mooooniques @breck_art16 @bbrown1117 @felish94

  12. Epic walk 8: Victory edition. Deutschland! #FIFA #WorldCup (at CBC Toronto)

  13. gregorygalloway:

    Frank Sinatra (December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998)

    (via nowandthan)

  14. Epic Walk 7. During the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. #Toronto #Art #latergram (at Toronto City Hall)

  15. #Toronto #Saturday (at The Grange (Toronto))